top 5 tropical fishes of the world

5. Molly Fish
Molly is the best choice if you want to keep fish in your aquarium. They are fertile and breed in almost any conditions. They are unexpected and directly give birth to live babies. Mole females are ready for childbirth within 1 month. Males and females are easy to distinguish. They are colorful and easy to care for. Mollies are available in a variety of breeds such as puffins, dalmatians, lirets and more. Mollies are one of the best fish to keep at home. Molly is one of the best tropical fish in the world and is easy to keep in a home aquarium.

4. Fighting fish.
Thanks to their long, very colorful fins, fighting fish have won the hearts of many. These are some of the best tropical fish that require a certain water temperature to keep. The most interesting feature of killer fish is that they have a special organ that helps them absorb oxygen directly from the air. This means you can keep them in a smaller tank without an aquarium air pump or with less dissolved oxygen. The disadvantage is that they cannot be finned like tiger bites, etc. However, reproduction is classified as moderate.

3. Guppy fish
Guppy fish are very colorful and vibrant species. They are small and cheap. They are living carriers, like Molly. They are peaceful and love to live in the slums. No two guppies should be the same. They easily eat almost any food, are hardy and can easily thrive in your tank. Guppies easily separate from males and females and breed easily. They are the most popular tropical fish in the world.

2. Neon tetra
Neon Tetra Whenever you visit an aquarium dealer, you will probably notice a lot of small fish with red and blue horizontal stripes. They were very important and active. You will also notice that their color changes as the angle changes. These fish will add color and activity to your aquarium. They are omnivorous and can live happily even in a 10 gallon or larger tank. The neon tetra is one of the best schooling fish in the world.

1. Angelfish
Angelfish are one of my favorite aquarium fish. This is one of the most beautiful fish that come out. It is laterally compressed and has 2 elongated fins. They are durable and strong and readily available at low cost depending on their type. Their personality and intelligence is greater than others. This is the most popular fish from the cichlid family. Angelfish are peaceful and may attack stingrays or other aggressive fish. Also, other small fish like guppies can become angel food, so don't keep them.

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