top 10 freshwater aquarium fishes in the world

10. Goldfish
Almost everyone in the world who is interested in aquarium fish should have an idea of ​​what a goldfish looks like. These fish are popular among aquarists for their golden color and tough nature. Goldfish are easy to see when they are swimming in bowls or other freshwater aquariums. Due to their popularity, goldfish are ranked 10th among the best aquarium fish. These fish usually have a long life and a very good appetite. Breeding goldfish at home is quite difficult, which is a disadvantage. Goldfish can be found all over the world.

9 discus fish
Because of their disk shape with fantastic colors. Everyone wants to expand their aquarium. They have a healthy life expectancy and are moderately productive. They show their love for their children and care for them. In the first days, discus chicks feed on the fluid of their parents. They are interesting to look at and have interesting personalities. They are one of the best choices for aquarium enthusiasts. This puts Discus in 9th place among the best freshwater fish in the world.

8. Gourami fish
Gourami fish have beautiful color patterns or body patterns. They are divided into many subclasses of other congeners known for their characteristics, such as the large, lip-kissing gourami. Cloaking gourami make cloaking sounds. Dwarf gourami can also breathe air directly.

7. Tang the clown
The clown fighter has a yellowish body with black stripes. Their body is slightly different from ordinary fish. They are compressed on the sides and have 3 stripes. They are active and mobile, so they need enough space for swimming. They train fish and like to live in groups of 5-6 individuals. Other fish can easily breed and raise young in the presence of clownfish. These fish sleep on their side. The clownfish is the most popular fish in its family. This makes them the seventh largest freshwater fish in the world.

6 Zebra zebra
Zebrafish are small, fast tropical freshwater fish. They are light, cheap and durable in nature, a very good choice for beginners. Over time, the fish loses weight, and the body shrinks from the sides. They can grow up to 2 inches in aquariums. Always keep them in groups of 5 or 6. This allows them to develop coloration to compete for female zebras. They are peaceful and can make good aquariums with other peaceful fish. They are easy to breed, you can feed them with almost any food.
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