tiger barb

Tiger barbs are small aquarium fish. They are found in parts of Southeast Asia. Their body has black stripes like a tiger. That is why they got the name "tiger beard". They last about 5-6 years if properly cared for. When large, they reach a maximum size of about 3 inches. They are omnivorous in nature and will eat almost anything they can get their hands on. They are active swimmers and make very good use of tank space. Tiger Barbs add a lot of activity and vibrancy to the aquarium. They are aggressive in nature and can eat the fins of slow tanks. Large-lipped fish, such as angelfish and tetra, can be targeted. Tiger thorn can be stored between 23 and 26°C (74 and 79°F).
Caring for tiger thorns
Caring for tiger thorns
Temperature: 23C - 28C
Tank size: 10 liters
Shelf life: 5 years
Maintenance: Easy
Size: 3 inches
Character: Semi-aggressive
Growth: moderate
Female Pisces Tiger Pisces
Differences between male and female tiger sharks
It is very easy to tell male and female tigers apart. Females are generally larger than males and have rounded bellies. Males have a distinctive red nose and you can find a distinctive red stripe on the black part of their dorsal fin. Dorsal feathers of female tigresses are mostly black. Male tiger sharks also have darker bodies than females.
You can easily get an idea by looking at the above pictures. The top is female and the bottom has a dark body and a red nose.
Tiger thorn reproduction
Tiger thorn cultivation
Tiger Barbs are easy to grow. They are layered and lay hundreds of eggs at a time. 5-6 fish are needed to breed in an aquarium. Let them make a good couple. Place some plants on the leaves for them to lay their eggs. They lay about 300 eggs at a time. Tiger ticks reach sexual maturity at 7 weeks. After spawning, they eat the eggs, so they need proper care to protect the eggs from their parents. To protect the eggs, you can try a regular glass marble layer at the bottom of the tank. Use a large tank with about 20 liters of water for breeding. When the female is big, she carries the eggs. Immediately after the male is released, he will fertilize them.
Tiger thorn reproduction
After a few days, very small fry will emerge from the egg. The fry become free swimmers in about 5 days and you can feed them brine shrimp. Fry are very sensitive to poor water conditions. So keep the water quality at the highest level. Also, protect the potatoes from being swallowed by the aquarium pump. Tiger thorn grows easily if proper precautions are taken.
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