Eels are living members of the family. The other members are Molly, Guppy and Platy. They are also carriers of life and produce live young rather than eggs. They are quite popular in aquariums, like the rest of the family, because of their ease of reproduction, rustic nature and unpretentious care. Swordtails are strong, beautiful and kind-hearted fish. They get along with other fish of the same size and are great for a community tank. However, they may eat very small or newborn fish, even within their own species. They are available in various colors such as red, yellow and green. They are called horseshoe crabs because their tails are shaped like swords. They are omnivorous and can eat just about any food you give them. But for a longer life, it is necessary to give them food rich in protein and vitamins.

Male and female races can be easily distinguished by their anal fins. The anal fin of the female is fan-shaped, while that of the male has a thin shaft known as a gonapodium. It can grow up to 4 inches and has a lifespan of 4-5 years with proper care in terms of water conditions. Males are quite aggressive and like to chase females. Because of this, a woman can get stressed and die. To avoid this, you will need to place 3-4 females for each male in the aquarium and plenty of hiding places. Also provide live or artificial plants in the aquarium. They can easily thrive in small aquariums of 10 gallons or more. Sharptails are good swimmers and are found in areas with strong currents. So, if you want, you can have a good flow of water in the aquarium.

Temperature : 23-28 degrees Celsius (72-82 Fahrenheit)

cultivation . live vector, easy

Duration : 4-5 years

Food : omnivorous

Nature : medium

Tank size : 10 gallons or more

pH : 7-8:

The cure is easy

The difference between male and female cuttlefish
The tactics of distinguishing between sharp males and females is the same as for other representatives of the same family, which includes guppies, mollies and platies. (4 females per male) Males like to chase and tease females. In addition, males sometimes show aggression towards other dragontail males. Males tend to be slender in shape, while females are rounder and slightly larger than males. The female has a thicker belly. Pregnancy period. Sometimes there are dark spots on the body, known as "pregnancy spots", which are the baby's eyes. The most important distinguishing feature is that the anal fin of the female is a fan, and the male is a well-developed tube. a similar structure is known as the "gonapodium". But this feature should be noted in adult swords. The length of the male's tail shows this and gives it the shape of a sword, while the female does not. I.

Fishing with a sharp tail

It is not difficult to grow sharp-tailed fish in an aquarium. This is one of the easiest aquarium fish to keep, such as molybdenum, guppies and platies. Tailed fish are viviparous, that is, they give birth to young, not eggs. They lay eggs under normal conditions. Sometimes people buy swordfish and put it in the bath, and the next day they see small children swimming in the bath. Aquarists are not ready for this and are stressed. Then you need to separate the parents from the children, because after birth, the mother swordsman and other fish will eat the (newborn) seeds. Instead of catching fry, catch adult fish, as you can damage the fry with a net.

Preparing for spawning and building an aquarium
Also change 10-15% of the water every 2-3 days. The male dragontail likes to seduce the female into mating, which can lead to the death of the female. Therefore, 3-4 teeth per person should be installed. Also add a lot of cover with driftwood, plants, gravel and marble. Let the woman hide among them and not strain herself. After mating, the female will take about 4 weeks to give birth.

Sharptails reach puberty at 4-5 months, at this stage they are ready for reproduction. The female is thicker than the male and has a fan-shaped anal fin, while the male's anal fin is more like a thin tube. You should give them protein rich food, live food is the best choice. Food rich in protein will encourage them to reproduce.

lay eggs
When a female is about to lay her eggs, you may notice slight changes in her eating and swimming habits. The stomach will become larger and will look like a square \____/. At this time, it is possible to place the brood in another aquarium specially designed for fry, do this carefully, otherwise it may lead to premature birth or delays. After you finish giving birth in a separate bath, move the mother to the previous bath because she will eat it. Delivery of all babies can take up to 2 hours. The number of children may be about 40.

Roast care:
Keep in mind that fry tanks must be properly disposed of. Also, there are no suction pumps or water fillers to suck up or destroy seeds. Seeds can be kept in the same tank as their parents if you have a large tank with plenty of cover including marble, wood, coarse gravel, plants, spawning and especially floating plants. So the pan can be easily hidden in it. But it is risky and few will survive.

farmer's box
Another option for this is that you can buy a breed or breeder box which is very cheap and readily available. You simply attach the breeding box to the side of the aquarium and the panfish will have the same water conditions and temperature as needed. The grow box has 2 spaces on the top and bottom with a small space in between. Pregnant women put on a part from above. At birth, the baby enters the space below through a small protected opening.

Dish for frying tagged tail:
You can feed newborns shrimp or crushed cereal. You can also give them hard boiled egg yolks with egg yolks. Make a thick paste of egg yolk and add a few drops. Since they make them, they require very little. They have very small stomachs. They are fed 4-5 times a day. Also, if possible, remove uneaten food from the aquarium, as it pollutes the water. But in no case do not harm the baby. Change also 5-10% of water every day. Avoid fluctuations in water temperature and do not move seeds back and forth.
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