silver dollar

The silver dollar fish is another popular tropical aquarium fish. Its round body and silver color are the reason why it is called "silver dollar". The fish is quite tough and available in the market. The fish is laterally compressed and has a scaleless body. Fish are peaceful and love plant food. Well suited for community aquariums. However, pairs of tanks must be of the same size. otherwise they will be treated as snacks. It is a schooling fish and is best kept in groups of 4 or more. They are usually sold in aquarium stores in 1-2 inch sizes. Fish can grow up to 8 centimeters with good care, so be careful when buying them. Fish spend most of their time in the middle or upper water level. Silver dollar fish can live well for 10 years or more if properly cared for.

Building a fish tank
Silver dollars should be properly processed before being added to a fish tank. The minimum volume of the tank should be more than 40 liters. The tank should have normal lighting and moderate water flow. Aquarium plants should be chosen wisely. The plants must grow stronger and faster, otherwise they will soon die or be eaten. Fake plants, rocks, caves and other hiding places will be recommended to reduce fish stress. The tank should be covered with a lid as the silver dollar tends to jump out when startled.

Silver dollar fish are herbivores that feed primarily on plant foods. You can give them seaweed waffles, spinach, romaine lettuce, peas (inside), lettuce. You can still feed them shrimp, bloodworms, algae pills and flakes. Do not feed them the same food or you may miss out on some nutrients.

Silver dollar tankmates are easy to pick. You can keep them with flat fish of the same length. Fish the size of a small mouth will be treated as feed. They can be seen with medium tetras, ghosts, blackfins, giant danios, dragontails, plecos, catfish, and more. you can save with
Size : 8 inches

care easy

Temperament : calm

The volume of the fish tank: 40 liters

Temperature : 24-28°C

Diet : mainly plant food

Shelf life : 10 years or more
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