red belly piranha

The red-bellied piranha is a popular freshwater fish in the piranha family. As adults, red-bellied piranhas have a red underbelly. With proper care, they will grow to 1 foot or more. But their progress is slow. Red-bellied piranhas can live up to 6-7 years in captivity. As a member of the piranha family, they are known for their ferocity. This fish is not very friendly with other fish, so think twice before buying. They feed mainly on meat and can eat small fish, oysters and shrimp. You need to eat pellets or flakes to make up for mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Remember that the food you serve does not have to be disease free as your fish can also become infected.
In terms of cost and maintenance, more caution is needed when buying. Because of the size, you will have to spend more money for fish food. You can bite your finger while cleaning your tank. The red-bellied piranha is an active fish in a group and needs plenty of room to swim. Aquariums less than 30 gallons are filtered. Keep uneaten or uneaten food in the aquarium as they contaminate the water. They are difficult to breed but can be in good condition. Red-bellied piranhas are nervous and shy, so provide them with a good hiding place. Water only hardy plants or they will die. Red-bellied Piranha Tanks Piranhas are very aggressive and should be chosen carefully. If the aquarium is large, piranhas, plecos or other captive animals can live happily.
Treatment : moderate

Diet : Mainly meat products such as artemia, small fish or beef

Size : 12 inches or more

Aquarium - 30 gallons or more

Features : Very powerful

Age : 7 years or older

Temperature : 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
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