oscar cichlid

Oscar the fish appeared at lunchtime and was able to touch his owner's hand. Oscar fish are sold in small quantities in the aquarium store, so do not get confused and keep them in the aquarium for a long time. Oscar is basically a carnivorous fish and can catch shrimp, beef, earthworms, frogs and more. However, they learned how to feed on pellets and tins. Keep changing their diet so that they are not deficient in certain nutrients, so make sure. Never compromise on the quality of the food. They reach sexual maturity at the age of 1 year.

Oscar cichlids are not good community fish and can become predators of other fish and permanently kill them. Fish of this size and nature can make good companions in a tank. The temperature of the aquarium should be around 23-28 °C. Always change the water regularly and maintain good water conditions. Eating Oscar crustaceans regularly with other small fish can lead to certain vitamin deficiencies and other fatal diseases.
Oscar tilapia care
Easy care

Nature : Aggressive

Tank size - 55 liters or more

Temperature : 23-28 degrees

Reproduction : Medium

Age : 10 years or older

Size: 15 inches or more

Food . Primarily carnivorous (can eat pellets and pellets)

Oscar cichlid fish are very selective in choosing a mate. This can be done by making them into their own pairs. It is enough to bring 6-8 small fish to form pairs when they grow up. You can also ask your aquarium dealer for certified pairs. Oscar fish are very similar to other tilapia fish like discus and angelfish.

Oscar tilapia breeding
When they grow up, the Oscars form a couple. Hope you get 1-2 pairs. When the marriage ends, her aggressive nature increases. The long-suffering tankmates now seem to be in danger. Then remove all the other fish except for the couple. Feed them protein-rich foods, especially live foods such as shrimp, crickets, earthworms, earthworms, fish, etc. Change 20-25% of the water every week and add algae to encourage reproduction. Increase the temperature from 78F to 84F. Breeding is generally considered aggressive, and can be both a lock on the lips and a slap on the tail.

Now find a place and start cleaning. A piece of stone or marble can be placed for reproduction. They can also dig holes in the material and lay eggs. Also, don't disturb the Oscar shells too much when laying eggs. Soon the female will lay about 1000 eggs, and after a few days the chick will hatch. Fruits are sensitive to poor water conditions, so avoid this. You can try to feed them flake or chopped shrimp.
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