neon velvet damsel care

Neon Velvet Girl is one of the popular girls. Vivid colors and strong character are its main characteristics. Neon Velvet Girl has many other popular names like Javanese Girl , Blue Velvet Girl , Blue Ribbon Girl and many others. They are especially beautiful when they are young. They have neon blue horizontal lines on their faces. They have a yellow white vertical bar that divides them in half. However, as they age, these marks fade, leaving a completely blue color. They are relatively cheap marine fish that adapt to different water conditions. The Neon Velvet girls are very aggressive and their aggressive behavior increases as they get older. They establish their territory and defend it at all costs.

Feeding them is an easy task, they will happily eat flakes, pellets, shrimp or any other food. Feed them foods rich in vitamins and protein to help develop their color. Balance your diet so you don't miss out on a certain nutrient that is essential for your survival. Feed them in small amounts several times a day.
Aquarium setup and tankmates
The Neon Velvet Damsel is a medium sized fish that can grow up to 6 inches with good care. A fish tank of at least 25 liters will be enough for an adult. Care must be taken with the quality of the water, otherwise the fish can easily get sick. Maintain the pH of the tank at 8.2 with absolute salinity. The temperature of the fish tank should be 21-25 degrees. The neon velvet fish is not suitable for community aquariums due to its toughness and territorial nature. These thrifty fish can be kept with them with good care and control. You can choose puffer fish, giant angel fish, surgeon fish, tang fish and butterfly fish. Bucky's pairs shouldn't be too big in comparison or they'll wear neon velvet as a snack. The fish tank it contains should have a good oxygen level with plenty of hiding places.

Care : Easy
Size : 6 inches
Temperature : 21-25°C
Tank size : 25 liters or more
Aging : Medium
Diet : Omnivore
Nature : Cruel
Shelf life : 10 years or more under good care
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