Molly fish breeding at home

Breeding mothfish is a very simple task. You need one male and several females with good water conditions. There should be more females than males because the males like to chase the females, this puts more pressure on the females. The duration of pregnancy for women is about 30-40 days. Women complement each other over time. When a woman is about to give birth, her belly looks like this: \___/. The females then give birth to the young. Remember that they are bearers of life. Within 1-2 hours they take out 30-40 fry. Remember to keep the mother or other fish away from the babies or they will eat them. A brood nest can be used. Feed the crushed flakes to children and take the necessary precautions.
Separate the mother from all other fish after hatching, as the moth loses most of its energy after hatching and becomes an easy target for other tankmates. So keep it separate until you get your strength back. After 1 week you can return them to the main aquarium.

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