kissing gourami

Kissing gourami is one of the most famous gourami fish. They get this name because of the swelling of their lips. They seem to kiss when they eat food or scrape algae off rocks. They even kiss to show their dominance and solve problems. This behavior is rarely associated with egg laying, as kissing between two males has also been observed. They are green in nature, but pink are popular in the aquarium hobby. Kissing gourami is widely available as food in many parts of the world, especially in Asia. Kissing gouramis are narrower from the sides and can reach a height of 10 cm with proper care. In captivity, they can easily live up to 5-6 years.

Cover gourami care and breeding
Aquarium installation
Kissing gourami need large aquariums because they can grow very well. A 30 gallon aquarium will meet your space needs. Because the kissing gourami is a labyrinth fish, it, like fighting fish, needs an open surface to breathe. You need to make sure they have access to air above the water. The aquarium should be heavily populated with frost-resistant aquatic plants. Live plants will also be a source of food for them. Artificial plants would be a good option to reduce their stress. It should have lots of hiding places, as the older members like to bully the younger ones. It is necessary to use a strong filter and periodically change the water, because the kissing gourami has a good appetite. The aquarium layer should contain litter and large rocks, so that algae can grow there. The temperature in the aquarium should be between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius.
kiss gourami medicine
Feeding and aquarium companion
Aquarium neighbors for kissing gourami should be chosen wisely. Because of their large size, they can disturb small fish, especially when feeding. Similar sized fish make perfect teammates. If you see fights between tankmates, it's best to separate them. It is not difficult for the owners to feed them, they are happy to take a wide variety of food. You can easily feed them phytoplankton, tubeworms, shrimp, lettuce, earthworms and flakes.

Service : Simple
Lifespan : 5 years +
Tank size : 30 gallon minimum
Height : 10 inches or more
Diet : Omnivorous
Character : Semi-aggressive
Temperature : 22-27 degrees
Breeding : Moderate
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