indian glass fish

Indian brownish are known for their transparent bodies. All parts of the fish are like bones, etc. So, due to this feature, they got a certain name in the underwater world. This fish is readily available in parts of Asia, especially India. Hence they are also known as Indian roughy. Indian glass fish grow up to 3 centimeters. They live in stagnant waters and reproduce in large numbers during the rainy season - July-August. They eat small worms or other small edible insects. Since these fish are tropical fish, they need heat in the water. The temperature should be 20-30 degrees. With proper care, they can live up to 3-4 years.
Caring for the glass fish
They are gregarious fish and should be kept in groups of 6-7 or more or they will become shy and timid. The type of reproduction is spawning, where the female lays her eggs and the male incubates them. Indian glassfish should be kept in aquariums and tankmates should be peaceful or they will cause stress to the glassfish. To keep glass fish, the aquarium must be rich in plants and have sufficient sunlight. Sometimes this fish can be found in different colors, but this color is not natural. This is done by injecting a dye into their tissue. After dyeing it is marketed under the name ofDisco fish. Injections of dye should be avoided due to the pain and risk of other infections. They can easily be stocked with peaceful fish, including molines, small mullet-like char claws, and some barbs.

Size : 3 inch

Treatment : moderate

Diet : Omnivorous (takes frozen, live, dry food)

Temperature : 20-30 C

Volume of the tank : 10 liters

Age : about 3 years old

Nature : peace
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