how to reduce stress of aquarium fishes

Fish stress is one of the main factors in their short life, as the spread of various diseases causes the death of fish. Because fish live in captivity, stress is greater than in the wild. Stress weakens the fish's immune system and they lose their natural ability to fight off pathogens. Stressors seem to be mostly caused by the aquarium owner. That's why it's so important to reduce stress.

Reasons and ways to reduce stress.

1. The most common stress is water quality. If the water quality deteriorates, your fish are more likely to become stressed. Water quality deteriorates over time due to high levels of ammonia from fish waste and excessive food waste. So do partial water changes of about 40% weekly and don't overfeed your fish.

2. If you buy fish from an aquarist and transport them. Fish can be psychologically stressed during this period. Because fish can be afraid of the outside world. Put it in a plastic bag and then in a black bag.

3. Slowly insert the plastic bag into the tank to avoid sudden temperature changes. Then add the fish.

4. Crowded aquariums can be stressful, so keep only the right amount of fish. To calculate the number of fish, you can put 1 fish in 1 inch per gallon or 4 quarts of water. Example If you have 2 fish that are 2 and 3 inches long, you will need a 5 gallon aquarium.

5. Sudden changes in aquarium pH or temperature can cause stress. Therefore, use aquarium heaters wisely and avoid drastic changes in the efficiency of aquarium heaters.

6. Lack of 24-hour light is also the main reason. Try to keep it as normal as it looks.

7. One of the most important measures is to provide enough hiding places in the aquarium.

8. Try feeding aquarium fish with aquatic plants. It also helps to relieve stress.

9. Also feed the fish a good, nutritious food rich in protein and vitamins. It also reduces stress and keeps you healthy. Also offer live bait for omnivorous fish.

10. Avoid scaring the fish with children, environmental changes and sudden water movements.

11. Compatible tankmates, otherwise they will chase each other and increase stress.

12. Some fishes are pink dust, etc.

You can reduce stress by following the above points.
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