Harlequin rasbora

Harlequin is a favorite small aquarium fish of the rasbora folding family. Rasbora-harlequin is compressed laterally with a triangular black spot on the body. The black spot starts in the middle of the body and narrows towards the tail. They can grow to 1.5-2 inches with a healthy lifespan of 5 years. There are two more types of clowns on the market: golden, black and wild. This fish is easy to find in the rivers of Malaysia and Sumatra. Harlequin rasbora has a peaceful nature and should continue to be another friendly fish. They are shallow species and should be kept in packs of 6 or more or you will not experience their normal behavior. It is very resistant in nature and can easily thrive in a wide range of water chemistry.
Preparation of tanks
Harlequin Rasbora does not require a lot of aquarium space and a small 10 gallon aquarium will meet this need. Add lots of plants and plants to the corners of the aquarium to remind you of your natural habitat. Also place driftwood and fake plants so they can rest or hide under. The front area of ​​the aquarium should be left open for free swimming. Also add a dark substrate to the aquarium with low intensity lighting. Broad-leaved and small-leaved plants should be added during mating. The temperature in the aquarium should be between 23-26 °C.
Feed and feed your friends.
Harlequin Rasbora can feed on a wide variety of foods. These include cereals, frozen or live foods, vegetables, mosquito larvae, tobifix and granular tablets. Harlequin Rasbor tankmates should be as peaceful as they come. Guppies, neon tetras, platies, bettas, rhamminos tetras, zebra zebrafish and rays are ideal tankmates.
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