guppy fish breeding

Because guppies are active, breeding is relatively easy compared to other fish. You need a healthy pair of gopi fish to breed. If you use a male for each female, the male can prevent the female from trying to reproduce. Therefore, in this case, provide a lot of hiding places for the females in the aquarium. And you can have 3 women in one man. Then in the second case you can find 3 pregnant guppies. When a man and a woman are together, reproduction usually occurs. Sometimes it seems that female guppies are already pregnant when they are taken out of the water. You can tell if a female goby is pregnant by looking at her belly if you can find a dark spot called a pregnancy spot.
The aquarium must be 10 gallons or more. Set the temperature to 77 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed them a high protein diet, live foods are the best option, but others will work just as well. Change 25% of the water weekly to favor reproduction. The gestation period of the female guppy fish is about a month, after which 10 to 40 fry are released in 1 to 2 hours. Females can give birth for several months even in the absence of a male. When a woman is about to give birth, her belly is full and you will see a pregnancy spot. You may notice changes in behavior, such as eating less or moving more slowly.

If you only have one main water tank.
If you only have one main water tank. Then there is a strong possibility that the mother or other fish will eat the young. However, the mother guppy fish does not show any interest in food until she gives birth to all her babies, which takes around 1 hour. So you have more options.

If you have a very large aquarium, you can provide more hiding places by adding live plants or trellises. You can add Java Moss or Java Fern. Add floating type aquarium plants and remember that other fish should not see or reach the pan. Gopi fry can die if pebbles fall on them, so remove them first. You can use a mason jar to make shelters and caves out of stone and marble blocks.
If you want to choose another option, there are 2 other devices on the market known as Broadbox and Broadnet. A brooder is a plastic enclosure that contains a pregnant female. Giving birth, the baby enters another room through the lower hole, the mother cannot catch the guppy. The wife should be planted here at the time of birth or before hand. You don't have to attend birthday here.

Another option is the tribal network. The box is made of mesh and can be attached to the wall of the aquarium. You can have women in it, but you have to be present, because the children are present with the mother. After giving birth, transfer her to the main tank. A spawning net provides protection against adult fish in the same water. The aging cakes must be in a place where the right temperature and water circulation are maintained.

If you have a separate aquarium.
Then place the breeding pair in a separate aquarium. When the female gives birth, the female is transferred to the main tank. This particular aquarium must be 5 gallons or larger. Remember not to add gravel or use a sponge aquarium filter. If you use another powerful aquarium pump, you can wash it in the pump or aquarium filter. So reduce its power or close its ends. So you can't absorb it. If you move the guppy tray from the main tank, add water from the main tank and try to keep the same settings as the main tank. Do a 25% water change every 3-4 days.

Cat feeding and care.
You can feed shrimp, newly hatched daphnia, and offer the yolk part of a hard-boiled egg. Make a thick paste with egg yolk then add a very small amount. Try not to add too much, if possible remove the remains of food from the aquarium, otherwise it can spoil. But don't hurt these kids. He grinds the food into a pulp and then makes a paste and stuffs it into the pan. Give them 4-5 times a day, but in very small amounts. As I told you before, cover all the laundry equipment if you have it. Turn on the lights only for 14-16 hours. Set the temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
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