golden nugget pleco

The Golden Nugget pleco is a freshwater fish from the chicken mouth group. The fish have beautiful colors and patterns. Most of them are dark brown with yellow or golden spots. The fish mainly lives on the bottom and often hides. They can grow up to 8 inches in captivity, but the growth rate is very slow. They are very long-lived, with good care they can live for 20 years or more. Gold nuggets can be fed plako algae and also chewed with driftwood. They are peaceful but can be aggressive by hiding. So give them plenty of shady places to hide. Goldfish can also eat small fish that fit in their mouths. You can keep them with other community fish that require the same water parameters. Breeding in captivity is extremely difficult. Plecos nuggets breed and lay eggs in caves and water flows from them.
Tank configuration
A minimum 40 gallon tank will be enough to hold 3-4 Pleco gold nuggets. The aquarium should have plenty of hiding places for each other person. There should be plenty of caves, rocks, trees, and plants to hide in. The substrate of the tank should be fine gravel or soft sand. Since Pleco avoids high intensity light, the light intensity should be low. Water quality should be as high as possible with good water flow and oxygen levels.

Goldfish usually eat food scraps and algae, which makes them a good aquarium cleaner. They don't care about their food. They include seaweed noodles, cucumbers, peas, shrimp, salted shrimp, etc.
tank mate
Tankmates should be peaceful and large enough to fit their faces. You can easily store the pleco gold nugget with other plecos, angelfish, tetras, discus, rasboras, danios, guarmie, barbs, mollies, guppies and more.

Aquarium size : 40 gallons or larger

Nature: calm

Lifespan : 20 years or more in good care

Diet : omnivorous

Temperature : 24-28 ° C

Height : 8 inches or more
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