ellioti cichlid fish care

Elliot Cichlid is a very beautiful fish of the Cichlid family with various beautiful color patterns on its body. The Ellioti cichlid is a medium sized cichlid that can grow up to 6 inches depending on the size of the car. They can be easily harassed by seasoned fish and other aggressive cichlids, so watch out for them. If the water quality is good, the aquarium temperature should be between 22 C and 26 C. Eliati cichlids can be grown in the aquarium without any problems, as long as the right conditions are observed.

They take care of their young like angels, which is a common characteristic of cichlids. They do well in small aquariums with a capacity of 80 liters. However, you will not observe their normal behavior. Also provide their tank with a soft substrate, such as some plants, driftwood and sand with places to hide. Ellioti cichlids are omnivores by nature and can eat a variety of foods. These fish can easily eat flake food, live food, pellets, etc. Pay attention to the size of the food when feeding, the food should be small. Also, do not feed them contaminated food. Live food helps them develop their color. Like all other cichlids, they are sensitive to poor water conditions, so take care of them. Maintain regular water changes of 25% per week. Elias should be added to the aquarium in groups of 4 or more.
Caution: moderate

Size: 6 inches

Types : Semi-aggressive

Aquarium size : 25 liters or more

Aging: moderate

Diet : Omnivorous

Temperature : 22C-26C


The general breeding process of the Elliott cichlid is similar to that of other cichlids such as discus, angelfish, and green square cichlids. Breeding of this fish can easily be done in small aquariums of about 25 liters or more. Males and females must be identified for breeding. The general difference is that the males are slightly larger than the females and the dorsal fins of the females are darker in the front. Ellioti cichlids are mature for breeding starting at a size of about 10 cm or 4 inches. For breeding, you need to keep about 7-8 Elliott cichlids. Raise the temperature of the aquarium to 28 degrees Celsius by changing the water regularly. You should also have a soft substrate in the tank, such as sand B. so that the parents can dig holes in it. Feed them protein-rich foods, especially live foods.
Among the Ellioti group of cichlids, some mate and occupy a specific area of ​​their tank territory. They soon lay about 200 eggs and lay the eggs on a flat or sloping surface of stone, marble or broadleaf. You will protect the eggs from other team members. However, you can remove other members in any other place for higher survival. Parents do not need to move, they take care of the children. The eggs hatch in 3-4 days and the parents carry them to burrows dug in the substrate. You can give your child pickled crab, crushed flakes or frozen porridge .
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