difference between male and female angelfish

It can be quite confusing to distinguish between male and female angelfish. You can get an idea by looking at their body characteristics, but it is not 100% valid until you wait for the spawning time.
Generally, male angelfish have a crown or a more rounded area above the eyes. Males grow faster than females. Men are fatter and stronger than women. Females have a straighter line from the dorsal or upper fins to the eyes. By observing their behavior, you can feel the difference again. Males show their taste buds when females are around.
male angelfish
Papilla . It is a pink, pencil-sized organ located between the scalar pelvis and anal fins. The image above shows a boy and a girl. This is usually seen during the spawning season . The female will show swelling in this area during pregnancy and egg delivery. While the female papillae are more opaque and wider. During spawning, the female lays her eggs on a flat, sloping surface, then the male touches the eggs with his papillae .
The difference between male and female angelfish
Note : In the absence of a male, 2 females can lay eggs together. Find the size of the papilla. In this case, the eggs whiten immediately. You can see the pictures for more differences.

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