difference between male and female guppy

To recognize the difference between male and female guppy fish, you should pay attention to the following points : the guppy fish is more colorful than the female, and the male has larger fins than the female. The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the anal fin. Males have a sharper and more developed water fin, known as a gonad , which is used to transfer sperm to females. Females have larger, fan-shaped reproductive fins. Female guppies are larger and much rounder than males. Male guppy above, female below. You can easily see a child's eyes on a woman's body. With the images provided you can easily see the differences between the guppies.

Tip of the day

Many aquarium fish fall due to overfeeding rather than nutrition. People don't know how much their fish need. Pisces are very dependent on their instincts. They don't know when to stop. Due to overeating, they may have serious problems such as bloating, flat stomach, etc. Feeding takes only 2-3 minutes. If the food stops after 3 minutes, overfeed. Also, food waste is one of the main causes of pollution in your aquarium.
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