dalmation molly fish

Dalmatian molly is a very beautiful aquarium fish. Dalmatians have black spots evenly distributed on their white body, which is very beautiful. Dalmatians are also called marble mollies. As always, they are professional breeders and a great choice if you want to start breeding. As Saifin is a hybrid version of Molly, this fish is susceptible to diseases. They do well in salt water. Soon they will have babies and you will have problems due to dating. Now you need more space to accommodate the children.
Most of the time they are pregnant before buying from an aquarium dealer. Females can give birth 3-4 times even in the absence of males, as they tend to retain sperm. Dalmatian mollies are live carriers, meaning they do not lay eggs, but directly give birth to young fish. They can work well in small aquariums. Molly tends to eat her babies immediately after birth, so you need to separate the babies from their mothers and tankmates. Sometimes the tankmates try to catch it with a bigger fin. To avoid stress, mix one male with 2-3 females. So you'll need plenty of hiding places, a grow net or a grow box to suit your needs.

Nature : You are peaceful in nature.

Duration : It lasts between 3 and 5 years.

Food : Feed food chips with live food. They are omnivores.

Breeding : They are living vectors (easy).

Size: About 3-4 inches tall.

Maintenance : easy
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