dalmation molly fish breeding

You should know that all molly fish are of the same species, so you can breed with any other molly fish. Breeding is a very easy task. You will need a male Molly Dalmatian and some females with good water conditions. Since males like to hunt female Dalmatians , the number of females must be greater than the males, which stresses the females. Also, by having sperm, she can give birth to many children in a year, even if there is no male present. Also, you need to arrange a home for new babies in advance, otherwise they won't breed. If a female Dalmatian is stressed, she may give birth to sick or premature babies. So try to put more hiding places for women.
The female pregnancy period is 30 to 40 days. Women begin to turn with time. When a woman is about to give birth, the shape of her belly will be ____/. The females then directly give birth to the fry. Remember they are live carriers. A Dalmatian Molly will give birth to 30-40 fleas at a time in 1-2 hours. In my case they give birth to 30 babies at one time and the next day they give birth to 10 babies.

Remember to keep the mother or any other fish in a separate tank from the babies, otherwise the Dalmatian Molly will eat the babies. But when a Dalmatian mother gives birth , she does not react to the babies, but after the process is over, she may try to eat them.
If there is no separate aquarium for developing the baby, you can use a breeding cage. The nest consists of a separate net mounted on a plastic frame and can be fixed in the main aquarium. You can also choose a spawning box with a separate fish compartment that can be moved to the bottom where other mature fish cannot reach. You can enter babies up to 1 month. You must have good water circulation and a constant temperature in these.

If you put them in a separate aquarium, remove the gravel from the tank, otherwise the fruit will be crushed under it, and use a sponge filter to prevent the fruit from getting into another filter. Give the crushed leaves to the children and try not to disturb them. So 25% water in a week. Don't overfeed them. If there are live plants in the nursery, this will help.

The difference between a male Dalmatian and a female Molly

It is very easy to tell a male and a female Dalmatian Molly apart. Women's bodies are round, while men's bodies are slender. The most common and easiest way to tell them apart is that the female has a fan-shaped anus, while the male has a developed anus known as a gonopodium. It is used to transfer sperm into the woman's body. Males are more aggressive and like to chase females. Therefore, it is important that there are more females than males and that there are more hiding places in the water. The top is male and the bottom is female. Look at the anus for identification. The male has thin bar-like wings, while the female's wings are broad and fan-shaped. These body features are easily seen in other molluscs and many living creatures.

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