convict cichlid

Killed cichlids are the most famous and popular aquarium fish of the cichlid family. The cichlid family is famous for its beautiful, elegant and intelligent fish such as angelfish, discus , oscars and many others. These traits are easily found in captive cichlids. This is a beautiful fish with black spots on a white body. They are hardy in nature and can withstand many conditions. If you are a beginner and want to have a cichlid in your home, the spoiled cichlid is the best choice. They do not require special care. Breeding this species is very simple, no additional preparation is required. A healthy lifespan for a pampered cichlid is 10 years with regular care.
Breeding criminal cichlids
These fish live happily in small tanks of about 25 gallons per pair. They do not grow very tall and can reach a maximum height of 6 inches with proper care. The temperature of the aquarium should be 21 C - 26 C. You can add stones, stones, balls as decoration in the fish tank. What is their wild habitat like. This fish is territorial and can be aggressive to defend its territory. So don't keep a flat and small tank, so be careful when choosing a tank mate. As a tankmate, you can choose Green Horror, Oscar, or Big Thorn. But pay attention to the size. A poor cichlid can catch more fish than it can handle. They are omnivores and can eat anything you offer them. They are known as zebra cichlids.
Spoiled cichlid breeding and care

Maintenance : Easy

Age : 10 years

Nursery : Easy

Condition : Cruel

Aquarium Size : 25 gallons

Food : complete

Temperature : 21C - 26C

Accused cichlid breeding can easily be done in a home aquarium. Breeding criminal cichlids does not require special equipment or training. At 5 months they are sexually mature. The main thing in criminal breeding is that you have a male and female partner. To get a pair, you can get 6-7 small cichlids and breed them in your aquarium. Soon they formed pairs and took over the territory to chase other fish. Your partner is now viewable. Keep the aquarium temperature at 21-26°C by changing the water regularly.
You have to move another tank to another tank. You can dig holes in selected areas or clear flat or level ground for breeding. The female will lay her eggs on a piece of marble, stone, vase or other surface if found. If there were other fish, the condemned would protect them from starvation. If you do not have the opportunity to see the eggs, you should respect the behavior of the parents, they spend time near the flapping area. There is no need to remove the parents as they effectively take care of the children.
Larvae hatch from eggs after 3-4 days. They do not need to be fed for 2-3 days because they have an egg sac for food. After a few days, you can feed them brine shrimp, microworms, or other crushed flake food until they have had enough.
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