can i add table salt in aquarium

The common table salt we eat is NaCl with some iodine and other beneficial additives. Many of our fish suffer from some parasitic infections like mange and the salt treatment method is very helpful in treating fish with mange.

But as I was saying, table salt contains iodine, and many people think that iodine is very dangerous for aquarium fish, but on the other hand, many people think that it is harmless. In fact, there is a debate about this. Therefore, it is recommended to use kosher salt if you do not want to take any risks. However, I would like to share my personal experience with everyone.

My personal experience:

It had 2 pink spikes and black tetra skirts. Everything worked fine, so I decided to bring 2 more tetras to the same tank. I went to an aquarium dealer and bought 2 more. I inadvertently added them to the main tank and found that they had white spots all over their bodies and after a few days all the fish had white spots and these poor fish were rubbing against each other instead of rubbing against each other. . strainer, trying to get relief. Then I googled and decided to add iodized table salt as found in the kitchen. I could not avoid it. I added table salt, a teaspoon per liter, and raised the tank temperature to 32 degrees. But everything was fine and after 4-5 days the itching disappeared and all the fish live normally until now. So, in the end, I advise you to add it at your own risk, otherwise I'll be happy.

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