black ghost knife fish care

Black Ghost - knife fish - a popular aquarium fish of the knife family. They are mainly tropical fish found in Brazilian rivers. Due to its exotic appearance, the black ghost fish has gained a lot of popularity. The black ghost fish is laterally compressed and has an elongated body. They are black in color with two white rings near the tail. There is a white spot on the head that extends a few inches down. This fish has a distinctive swimming pattern, moving with the help of a long fin located down the side. In natural conditions, they can grow up to 20 centimeters. However, they do not fully thrive in captivity. With good aquarium care, they can grow to 12-15 inches in size. The black ghost fish has a very long life. With proper care, they will easily live up to 7-8 years. They are scaleless fish, which makes them susceptible to infections.
the food
The black ghost fish is primarily a carnivore. Prawns, fish, worms, beef heart, wings, etc. Avoid overfeeding or your fish may get sick. Avoid keeping them with cichlids or your fish will starve due to fierce competition for food.

Setting up an aquarium
Due to their large size, black ghost fish need a lot of space to live. An aquarium of 55 liters will be enough for a juvenile, and a tank of 100 liters for adults. The fish tank should be properly covered as black ghosts are known to jump. There should be plenty of hiding places in the aquarium in the form of PVC pipes or corks. These fish are very sensitive to light. The aquarium should have low or low light intensity. The base of the tank should be small and soft. A tall aquarium planted by a black ghost hovers. The aquarium should have a good filter and good water conditions.

The black ghost fish is a semi-aggressive fish. It is easy to keep larger peaceful species. Avoid with other family members, eels, small fish like neon tetra, wrasse, etc. Cichlids of this size will be a good choice if you know how to feed them properly. Avoid using with the same type or any other type of electrical. They can easily catch larger fish, discus and gourami. Only one black ghost can be in the tank at a time.

Caution : moderate

Diet : carnivorous (mainly meat)

Size : 15 inches

Character : semi-aggressive

Lifespan : 7 years or more

Aquarium size : 55 liters +

Temperature : 23-28 degrees
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