black banded leporinus

The black point labrinus is a tropical freshwater fish. This is one of the few representatives of the family who has gained fame in the field of aquariums. The black spotted liborin has black and yellow vertical stripes on the body. It is loved by many people because of its bright colours. In captivity, they can reach 10-12 inches in size. These are mobile and active fish groups that must be kept in groups of 6-7 individuals. They may be involved in fin bites. Black scale liborinus can easily live 5 years or more in captivity. These fish jump well, so the lid of the aquarium should be covered.
Prepare the fish tank
They can be 10 to 12 inches in size, so a 55-gallon tank is recommended. The tank must be tightly closed. The black-spotted leporins eat live plants well. It can cause severe damage to plants. Only artificial plants and strong plants such as Anubia and Java Fern are recommended. The tank surface can be any. The tank should have a large cover in the form of a roof, rocks and tunnels.

The black spotted liporins are potent in nature. Easily eat chips, frozen foods, live foods, vegetarian foods, brine shrimp, worms, cow hearts, pellets, etc. They can eat. Feed them several times a day. Change your diet regularly to avoid some mineral deficiencies.

tank friends
In large aquariums, black laburens are generally peaceful. They can become aggressive when they are hungry and crowded. Do not add to small fish, otherwise it will become food. Do not add slow fish and large finned fish such as freshwater angels. Because Leporinus are fin incisors. Plecos, silver dollars, and rainbow trout would be good choices. If there is a dispute it is better to separate them.

Maintenance : medium

Diet : omnipotent

Length : 10-12 inches

Mood: semi-violent (aggressiveness increases with age).

Age : 5 years or more

Tank size : 55 gallons

Temperature : 22-27 degrees Celsius
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