arc eye hawkfish

Hawkfish is a medium-sized marine fish. The fish is known by many names in the aquarium industry, such as: B. Rainbow hawk, ringed hawk, white hawk... It can be found in many places such as Australia, Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia, etc. The fish has a light - orange or pink body with a white horizontal stripe. Pisces also have yellow, orange and blue eye rings. There are more colorful forms and versions of Hawkfish on the market. Fish rest on things like coral and rocks. If live fish or food approaches, it moves quickly to eat. The predatory and territorial nature of the ambush, iris must be added last. If you add other fish after that, they will definitely fight. The fish is usually 5 inches long and is suitable for a medium sized aquarium.

Hawkfish teammates must be pretty tough to help them. They also bully taller but more obedient teammates. If the smaller group members get in their mouths they will be eaten. Black can open his mouth even wider than necessary. Parrotfish, surgeonfish, porcupines and wrasses are good tankmates, but watch out for them. Team members, even other falcons added behind them, will have to endure even more attacks.

installation of tanks
A 30-gallon aquarium is good for keeping a single-eyed hawk. The aquarium should have lots of rocks, caves and crevices. Be careful when adding them to a reef tank, they are not very compatible with a reef tank. Keep the temperature in the aquarium at 22-26 degrees Celsius.

the diet
In their natural environment, hawks sit on small fish and crabs. In a home aquarium, the diet should consist mainly of meat food. You can feed shellfish, shrimps, crabs, frozen meat food for predatory fish, mysis, pellets and flakes. Keep mixing the food to give more color and health.

Maintenance : easy

Diet : carnivorous

Temperature : 22-27 degrees Celsius

Tank size : 30 liters

Temperament : aggressive

Tankmates : Pump and pump

Size : 6 inches well cared for

Lifespan : more than 5 years
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