albino cory catfish care

Albino Corey Catfish is a beautiful and very attractive catfish. They have antennae near the mouth area which are usually light pink or yellow in color. Albino measles in captivity reach a size of 3 inches. In good conditions, they can live up to 3 or 4 years in captivity. They can be easily grown in small tanks of water, a 10 gallon tank will be enough for a few pairs. Very hardy fish and suitable for beginners. They are very peaceful by nature and love to live in groups. Adding them to an aquarium will add a lot of activity and energy to the aquarium. Always add them in groups of 6 or more to observe their natural behavior. They are bottom dwellers and keep the bottom clean by eating leftover food and algae.
Collecting the water tank (aquarium).
Like most catfish, they are very sensitive to salt. Do not add salt to the aquarium or you will lose it. Albino measles are also sensitive to poor water conditions. So do 30% water changes twice a week. For bottom dwellers, the surface should be a mixture of sand and fine gravel. They like to live in forested areas that provide shade for privacy and relaxation. Cory the albino catfish is very sensitive to bright light, so avoid it. The temperature of the aquarium should be between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius. Watch the level of ammonia and nitrates, they should be under control.
Food and tank mates
Cory albino catfish can easily eat a wide variety of foods. Scraped food, pellets, brine shrimp, worms, and algae wafers are all good choices. They are extremely social fish and can easily get along with other peaceful aquariums. Neon tetra, zebra zebrafish, pied fish, swordfish and pygmy gourami are good choices.

Maintenance : Easy
Size : 3 inches
Shelf life : 3-5 years
Nature : peaceful
Diet : Omnivorous
Aquarium Size : 10 gallons or more
Temperature : 22-26 °C
Breeding : easy and fun
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